hookers > gf’s

hookers…where do we even start……….

I have dated local girls, i have been in long distance relationships, i have even been married. all of them start out with treating you well (doing all the cute things that you would expect) and then, they (the woman) stop doing them. You end of having to go buy your own medicine when you are sick…


Hookers – just have a bad name. And they shouldn’t. They are some of the most friendly ladies on the planet. They will do anything you need to have done. If you’re sick, they’ll go find the right medicine. If you’re hungry, they’ll go find food that makes your belly full. They’ll wash your clothes, they’ll wash the dishes as well. In an era of ‘no’, they’ll treat you like a gentlemen and just swallow.

In the end, its a paid quid pro quo relationship and everyone knows what they are getting in the end. Whether that is sex, whether that is human comfort, whether that is a new Burberry purse or whatever. In the end there is no human emotional contact lost. We all end as winners in the hooker situation…we (men) don’t get hurt, she gets a purse and noooooooooo feelings are hurt.

lets go to the mall

huh? lets go to the mall? yeah baby, lets go. I need firepower, toilet paper, laundry detergent, food, and a god damn haircut. Out of this list, I am most worried about the haircut. I have yet to “order” a haircut in Spanish.

Here is how it goes down – I sit there and wait around for homey to bring the firepower for an hour. Uneventful, done deal. While I was waiting I had ordered some chicken wings (i’ll give them a 7.1…nice and fresh, little wings), I investigated if the mall had a barber or not. With some direction from my waiter I was off to the barber. After walking around the mall once or twice I finally found the “barberia”.

Scared shitless how this haircut would go, I walked in and the owner spoke English and interpreted for the gentlemen that was cutting my hair. In the end, this was one of the best haircuts I have ever had. Well worth the $8…but honestly, I was kind of disappointed that they charged me for the Heineken

the real first post

Hi-Hello-Oye_Hola…on this page I will try to bring about the life of a professional consultant that is interested in traveling the world. If you are afraid of putas, yayo, having fun and/or just being a complete degenerate I would say this blog is not for you — see you the fuck later

Otherwise, I am here to blog my daily adventures across this great world and hopefully make some fun of myself in the meantime. I cant wait to share my daily experiences; whether that’s accidently walking into a whore house and

Most of you will wonder “What the Fuck does Franklin do…?”. Well, I’ll tell you now. I am employed to help companies across the US and actually the world to a.) improve their financial reporting processes and/or b.) help them improve their budgeting/forecasting processes. This is completely boring shit. With that being said, I need drugs and I need fun. The fun I get by buying a one way ticket to a random place and not knowing when I will come back to reality. The drugs…egh…I find along the way!

About Myself: Single ,Divorced, White, College Educated, Overweight, Male sans Children