the Maduro diet meets Escobar

While I was laying in bed after finishing having intercourse with a lovely lady from the once prosperous country of Venezuela, I had an epiphany: I am fat, severely fat at that. I am laying there on my back, with a dick that can barely get hard, slightly out of breath (not sure it that’s from the altitude or fatness or both) staring at this broad who just has a tight ass body.

Well, extreme times, call for extreme measures. Therefore, from now until the distant future I am going on the Maduro diet as its called in Vzla. Average person has lost 25 pounds in a year. All you have to do is not eat or eat as little as you can…like just once a day if that. While I wont be dumpster diving, I am going to amp the Maduro by tenfold and take this to a completely new level. Mr. Maduro (if you wanna call this fuck-stick a Mister….) meet Mr. Escobar. This new diet is guaranteed for an all out success.

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