anything past 1 is a problem

well, well, well franklin…you did a beauty last night. was feeling myself after completing a long, ruff day at the office so I went and had a few beverages at the local tienda/sitting place. while there, I thought I noticed a working lady so I chatted with her, turned out, either she wasn’t working or wasn’t interested. I said fuck it im out.

Just out of that place, so I head for the clock tower where all the action happens in Cartagena. find a place to take a piss-a-roo and then on my way out I find a group of tres chicas…start yappering it up with them and then boom, we are off to the apartment. Well not boom, some asshole wanted me to pay him 200.000 pesos for which I told him to go fuck himself more than once which nearly ended my life but oh well. We get back to the apartment and obviously, all three of the ladies wanted to get paid but now I can’t find any of my pesos (silly me) so that turned into another confrontation. They ended up taking 5 usd and leaving.

Buenas dias amigos…

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