the real first post

Hi-Hello-Oye_Hola…on this page I will try to bring about the life of a professional consultant that is interested in traveling the world. If you are afraid of putas, yayo, having fun and/or just being a complete degenerate I would say this blog is not for you — see you the fuck later

Otherwise, I am here to blog my daily adventures across this great world and hopefully make some fun of myself in the meantime. I cant wait to share my daily experiences; whether that’s accidently walking into a whore house and

Most of you will wonder “What the Fuck does Franklin do…?”. Well, I’ll tell you now. I am employed to help companies across the US and actually the world to a.) improve their financial reporting processes and/or b.) help them improve their budgeting/forecasting processes. This is completely boring shit. With that being said, I need drugs and I need fun. The fun I get by buying a one way ticket to a random place and not knowing when I will come back to reality. The drugs…egh…I find along the way!

About Myself: Single ,Divorced, White, College Educated, Overweight, Male sans Children

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