hookers > gf’s

hookers…where do we even start……….

I have dated local girls, i have been in long distance relationships, i have even been married. all of them start out with treating you well (doing all the cute things that you would expect) and then, they (the woman) stop doing them. You end of having to go buy your own medicine when you are sick…


Hookers – just have a bad name. And they shouldn’t. They are some of the most friendly ladies on the planet. They will do anything you need to have done. If you’re sick, they’ll go find the right medicine. If you’re hungry, they’ll go find food that makes your belly full. They’ll wash your clothes, they’ll wash the dishes as well. In an era of ‘no’, they’ll treat you like a gentlemen and just swallow.

In the end, its a paid quid pro quo relationship and everyone knows what they are getting in the end. Whether that is sex, whether that is human comfort, whether that is a new Burberry purse or whatever. In the end there is no human emotional contact lost. We all end as winners in the hooker situation…we (men) don’t get hurt, she gets a purse and noooooooooo feelings are hurt.

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  1. Carl the blog is awesome…
    So far, your wisdom to life is great…I also feel like with the updates I’m living vicariously through you… keep the updates coming!


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